Not Worth the Purke

18 08 2009

Really Dude?!?!

This moment. Right now is one of the most exciting times we have ever seen in the history of the Texas Rangers. The club is coming off an 8-5 win last night over the Twinkies, upping their lead in the AL Wild-Card chase to a full game over the Red Sox. Texas is 17 games over .500 for the first time in a decade. There is young talent busting at the seems throughout the organization. And for some reason this thing has finally figured out how to develope pitching talent. Times are pretty darn good, considering the owner is broke and refuses to open the wallet to make his club better.

Last night we anxiously awaited 11PM to see if Jon Daniels and the club could talk down Klein High left-hander, Matt Purke. The first round selection was taken 14th overall earlier in the summer, even though the club knew that he wanted Rick Porcello type money (too much for a draft pick). Purke reportedly wanted something in the 6-7 million dollar neighborhood and a guaranteed spot on the 40 man roster. We all know the Rangers are short on cash these days, but they offered up over 4 million at the 11th hour (rimshot). Apparently that wasn’t enough as Purke and his camp said no thanks to a lifetime of financial security, as he shunned the Rangers and moved on to the beautiful campus of TCU.

This kid is a moron. I say that making 30K in DFW radio and blogging for free in my spare time. I don’t wish total failure on the kiddo, but part of me hopes he regrets this decision. I pitched in high school and would have absolutely killed to have the raw tools Purke has. If someone came up to me and told me that I could provide for myself and my family, and oh yeah….PLAY F’ING BASEBALL FOR A LIVING…..I would not blink.

The Rangers scouting department has done an awesome job of drafting in recent years, growing their own pitching talent. See the current kids in the bigs (Hunter, Holland, and Feliz). JD’s crew is doing bang up work. Now all we can hope is that Hick figures out how to balance his checkbook or sell the club ASAP. Money stood in the way of signing their top pick for the first time in the 37 year history of the franchise. It caused them to not improve at the deadline, and hopefully it won’t be a roadblock in adding a veteran catcher for the rest of the way (Pudge?).

Have fun at TCU bro. Hope you are surrounded by beautiful girls for the next 20 years, really. Vomit.

UPDATE @ 12:06 – Pudge is a Ranger again!!! Playoffs Bitches!!!



5 responses

18 08 2009

his cologne must be Vinegar and Water. i wish him failure!

19 08 2009
Just Me

I realize you’re trying to be the WWTDD of local sports, but calling a 19 year old a moron seems to be a bit harsh. P.S. Thanks for scoreboarding the rest of us with your $30k salary. Vomit.

19 08 2009

He is an adult and he and his representatives made a dumb adult decision. I would have said the same thing if the dude were 29. I am sure he had his reasons, but to want money above his slot seems kinda sorry. I wish I had this guy’s problems.

20 08 2009
Just Me

Did you read Galloway’s column?”The Rangers did make a $4 million offer to Purke, but without the approval of MLB. When the final word came down from MLB, the Rangers were told they could not pay the kid more than $2.3 million. Period.”

21 08 2009

The WWTDD of local sports? Wow, that’s actually a compliment. But we’re no where close to that quality yet. At least not until we start posting college women’s sports nipple slips.

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