Fastest Man

17 08 2009

U.S.A. In Bolt!!!!!

No Man has shortened his world record like Usain Bolt did on Sunday.  In China we all thought that the cocky Jamaican looked like he could run faster then he did.  I mean he pulled up in that race and it looked like he may have shaved off sometime.  BUT!!!! .11 off, I don’t think anyone would have guessed that he would have dropped in the 9.5 area.  I mean the guy has said that he can do 9.4.  Think about that 9.4 seconds – WOW!!! I thought watching this was amazing.  Tyson Gay folks ran a 9.7 (An American Record by the way if that even matters).  How the hell does this guy make Gay and Asafa Powell look normal – I MEAN THIS IS FREAKISH!!!

Ok so I guess we just have to wait and see if he can hit in the 9.4s which would again boggle the mind.  How fast can humans go?
Is all the talk about “doping” causing a damper on this man’s amazing achievements?  Does Track and Field have an audience?  Has Usain Bolt revived track?  Will he still be around for 2012? 

I don’t care if he’s from “right near da beach…..boy-eeeeeee” I think this guy is AMAZING.  Usain “Samson Simpson” Bolt may you reach 9.4 so we can all start screaming for you to reach 88 miles per hour and take us BACK TO THE FUTURE you bad ass.




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17 08 2009

***shoulders shrugging*** Meh!

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