Cat Fighting

16 08 2009

Do You Want Some of This????

Wow, What a hell-of-a Fight.  Gina Carano the undefeated hottie vs the Brazilian man-woman beast Cris Cyborg.  Woman’s fighting took a HUGE step up in the eyes of fight fans this weekend as we saw the two best in the world – GO – TOE TO TOE!!!!! I mean WOW!!!!! Gina shocked Cyborg with her power and even showed her ju-jitsu skills by not being submitted by Cyborg’s knee lock early on.  Cyborg just kept going at it and proved many correct in saying that her power would just be tooooooooo much.

Well I’m not sure if Josh Rosenthal should have stopped the fight – it did look like Gina was “done” – but a mere second before the bell rings.  We’ve seen many a fighter get “DESTROYED” in the opening round to barely survive and then WIN the fight.  Example of this would be Georges St. Pierre getting tagged and blooded by B.J. Penn – then he spent the rest of the fight overpowering BJ and won the fight. (there first meeting, we all remember there most recent fight with GSP solidfying his place as the MAN).  Imagine if the ref had stopped that fight.  Granted Cyborg was raining down huge shots on Gina so I have to say that Josh in the end did the right thing – but we all have to admit one more round of these Warriors may have given the fighting world a huge reason to Believe in these ladies.

I think this round should stop all the crap that these ladies aren’t warriors and shouldn’t be in the ring.

So of course there are some huge arguments about what is next – I think Gina will be given a rematch – who else is Cyborg going to fight they are #1 and #2 in the world.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the fight, the impact of the fight, and on Women’s fighting as a whole.  Should it be allowed (is it to barbaric to watch ladies fight?), Are woman in more danger then men fighting because there bone structure isn’t strong enough to handle beatings like this?  What happens when a lady does the Michelle Wie and asks to fight a guy???

This fight is a worthy contender for FIGHT OF THE YEAR.  Down right exciting. 

I am sorry the fight is a bit hazy but you get the gist of what happened, they went to WAR!!





One response

16 08 2009

There is something very wrong with this. I have never once claimed to like or even support MMA, but this is just not right. Can’t believe so many of you out there actually like and follow this crap.

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