Package in the Mail!!!

14 08 2009

As Happy as this kid!!!

So Yesterday I come home and noticed that I had received a package.  I quickly tried to open the cardboard box to point I almost dislocated my finger.  Lucky I have a wonderfully smart girlfriend that had me calm down and take the process slower.  So finally I opened my surprise.  Well sorta a surprise – I had purchased it for myself on the interwebs – darn EBAY has turned me into a naughty boy.

Anyways what did I get?  HAHA…………………………A BOOK!!!!!!

Yeah a book.  I know what you’re thinking – “Gadi, have you heard of the library, half price books, or Barnes and Noble”?  Well I have but you see this is a brand new book from one of the most secretive writers of the 20th century. 

The book!! –

Ok so why is this important – why should you care about Mr. Thomas Pynchon.

Here are my five reasons to broaden your horizons and buy his works.

1.) He has an English degree from Cornell.
2.) His work is so dense and complex you’re brain grows just from having the books near you.
3.) He is so mysterious and cool – there aren’t any photo’s of Thomas since the 70’s and no one really knows where he actually lives.  He is the modern version of J.D. Salinger – only even more mysterious.
4.) His work spans the gamut of subjects in his stories – historical, scientific, spooky, conspiracy filled, sex filled, drug filled, and downright enjoyable.
5.) He has been on the Simpsons.  They didn’t show his image – had a bag over his head – its the first time he’s even allowed his voice to be heard…..

So I guess you can tell I recommend his work and especially the new book!!

If you’re interested in his other works – V. (1963), The Crying of Lot 49 (1966), Gravity’s Rainbow (1973), Vineland (1990), Mason & Dixon (1997), and Against the Day (2006) – are a great place to start.

Get your book mark ready  and enjoy the mind-altering experience that is Thomas Pynchon. 

Who are your favorite writers?




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