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10 08 2009

Gonna get all Rangery on you for a while this Monday….lots of stuff.
The Rangers look wise keeping rookie Derek Holland instead of trading him in a package for Roy Halladay. (AP)
Wonderboy tossed an absolute gem yesterday with a CG against
the Halos 7-0, as Texas took 2 of 3 in Anaheim over the weekend.
If you want to see highlights of ‘Dutch’ click on T.R. Sullivan’s recap with some video via Holland showed why the club didn’t even consider throwing him in a trade deadline deal with his best stuff of the season. The slider, which needed some work earlier this season was a dominant pitch. The changeup was also effective because he was able to have incredible command and movement on his fastball. Yesterday afternoon I stodd up and pumped the fist after he punched out Vlad to end the game (was by myself when that happened…sad I know). Awesome stuff in every sense. However, I am expecting to see a solid effort next time out and not 4 and a third with control issues.

Some of you out there probably know my feelings on the Padilla move. I don’t really like it, but if the club can get efforts like Holland’s it won’t really matter. You have to be realistic though. Vinny was one of the better starters in the rotation. He might have been a huge doucher in the room, but when a team needs every win late in a season that could result in the playoffs it doesn’t make the most sense. Granted, he was put on waivers back in June to send a message and he didn’t do his part to stick around. So I guess JD and Co. deserve some credit for keeping a positive culture in the clubhouse. I might not be saying that if Nippert struggles and we lose ground to the Angels or Redsox. T.R. has a writeup on Nip beingthrust into the rotation on a permanent basis. In my opinion this team is still a veteran starter away from being a real threat to crack the post-season. I don’t think that John Smoltz is the answer. I think he is pretty much done, but of you want to talk about a good influence in the room this would be a big jolt in that department. But Texas is tied with the BoSox in the wildcard. Doubt a deal would be made.

Offensively I liked what happened yesterday and overall this weekend really. Michael Young has been just fabulous since the All-star break as he is well on pace for another 200 hit season. Marlon Byrd has been swinging it very well. He has his average all the way up to .285 has a season high in 2B’s and has been able to mix in homers from time to time. A nice alternative to a slumping Josh Hamilton, who by the way is showing some signs. Amid Josh’s shirtless whipped cream shot photos that arose on the web this weekend, the All-star belted a 3 run shot on Saturday. Yesterday he did have an 0-fer, but he did draw a walk and is not chasing as many pitches of late. A good sign indeed.

Speaking of offense yesterday the ‘Old School Brutha’ hit Julio Borbon leadoff. He did go just 1 for 5, but he did steal a base. Journeyman Esteban German was also in the lineup yesterday. Great day – 2 for 3, a walk, run, and a stolen base. Really like this dude. He might not be an everyday player, but he is a great backup and maybe someone who needs to be brought back next season for a little depth. German and Borbon add an element to the offense that has been needed all season long. In a way they give the Texas lineup an Angels-like flair. Both are going to be active, either stealing or running the bags aggressively. Wash might not be keen on giving Borbon a lot of playing time while up here, but our buddy Jeff Wilson talks about the Borbon hitting in the 1 spot in 2010.

Also, have you noticed how good that Taylor Teagarden is when he gets consistent playing time? I like what Salty has become as a catcher through lots of defensive work, but the old eyeball test tells me that Taylor is a better natural catcher. Yesterday he mashed a homer to deep center, and he threw out a number of runners in this series against one of the most aggressive base running teams in the bigs. Oh yeah….and he was able to throw the ball back to the pitcher with no problems (sorry Salty).

We look up this morning and Texas is in position to go to the playoffs as they are now in a tie with the Redsox in the WC chase. We have to thank Mark Teixeira and the Yankees for a sweep this weekend of Boston in the Bronx. I am tickled that the ‘Bandwagon Nation’ is struggling mightily right now, but I have a hard time believing that Boston will keep fading away. Their pitching overall is just too good. They will be back, just hope they don’t turn it around next weekend at the Ballpark. Texas now gets today off and gears up for a 3 game series in Cleveland tomorrow. A tribe team that has nothing to lose. Dangerous series methinks.

Padraig Harrington, Tiger Woods, Bridgestone Invitational

Tiger made it 70 career Tour wins yesterday at Firestone. He’s good. I like golf.

Vince Young struggles as the backup, going 5 for 10 with an interception and a TD.  (Getty Images)

Wasn’t impressed last night watching Vince Young struggle for the
#2 job in a 21-18 win over the Bills in the pre-season opener. But I LOVE the Oilers throwbacks!!

T.O. hauled in a few passes on the opening drive. I know Cowboy fans are happy he is gone, but I wonder if they are going to be saying that if the passing game has trouble. Owens still knows how to get seperation at the age of 35, I think the Cowboy fan underrated that last season. Just one of the fascinating aspects to the upcoming season. By the way we are just 3 days away from the Cowboys 1st pre-season game.The CB’s are dealing with injuries once again.

And now an NFL Link-O-Rama capping what happened over the weekend. Roddy White ended his holdout with the Falcons…..Terrible news for one of the best guys in the NFL…..I guess Vick is drawing some interest……The re-building Rams can’t catch a break (pardon the pun)….there is more, but it’s not that significant.

Kurt Rambis (one of my favorite players ever) has a new job.
Rambo has the honor (
or task) of coaching the young and raw Minnesota Timberwolves.

There is a chance that Rambis can succeed there. Probably no playoffs for a while, but they do have a solid enough foundation of young talent to possibly get better in an already loaded western conference. Hell, a healthy Al Jefferson is enough to make them somewhat legit on a night to night basis.

Alright I am all Sports’d out… I leave you this Monday with some Muse to kick you sqaure in the ass! Enjoy.




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10 08 2009

Between the two of us we’ve discussed all the sports this fantastic weekend. It was awesome to see the kid pitch this well against that lineup. Also great fruit Senor Bass.

10 08 2009

Don’t thank me for the fruit. Thank the greatness of Newflowers Farmers market that is 1 mi. away from the casa. Thursday my friend.

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