An Introduction and a Declaration were made this Weekend

10 08 2009


Is He The Baddest Man on the Planet?

The simple answer = Yes!!! 

The Long Answer = Hell Yes!!

Ok So this weekend was a sports filled fun time.  The NFL season is back and the UFC rocked the world again!!

Lets Start with the Baddest Man and what is it that he declared.  According to Yahoo Sports Dan Wetzel – Anderson Silva and his manager Ed Soares told UFC President Dana White that the Spider is moving permentaly to the Light-Heavy Weight Class (205lbs).  This has huge ramifications on the current UFC landscape.  The Spider has opened the doors to some huge opponents and potential super fights at 205.  The five men that pop into mind are – Current Champion Loyota Machida (though Silva swears he won’t fight is sparring partner in close friend), Former Champion Rashard Evans and Former-Former Champion ‘Rampage’ Jackson (both men will are coaches of the upcoming TUF season and will fight in 2010), Machida’s opponent at UFC 104 Mauricio Rua, and the old punk is back – Tito Ortiz has put his name out there again.  With four of the five fighting each other in 2010 – it does seem like Silva has some intriguing options.

A.) He can take a long Samba fueled break and help his buddy Machida beat the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Legend. 

B.) Silva can push for a fight against Tito Ortiz who needs money to pay for his fun babies with former porn star Jenna Jameson.

C.) Silva could take on the winner of UFC 103 Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort – VERY UNLIKELY if Rich wins – Silva already humiliated Rich twice now – Vitor would make a much more intriguing matchup.

I’d lean towards B happening but would love to see Silva vs Belfort.

UFC 101 – also showcased that dominance B.J. “the Prodigy” Penn has over the light weight divison (155-lbs).  Not sure what he’ll do next – he’s lost twice to GSP and minus the complainent about “greasing” GSP manhandled Penn and GSP might try and work his way up a weight class to take over Silva’s vacated middleweight crown. 

Looking at the UFC Weight Classes –

Heavy is set with – WWF Boy – – Brock vs. Fedor would have been nice – o well – guess the mammoth will wait to see who wins COUTURE vs NOGUEIRA – but the field are all trying to get at Brocky Boy.

Ligh-Heavy – Silva joining makes it the most exciting weight class going.

Middle – Vacant Champ – No single guy can be looked at as the obvious “paper” champ – Hopefully Dana White will do a tourny with 6 or 8 fighters (3 or 4 fights then semi’s then title crowning fight) – Ricardo Almeida, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Michael Bisping, Patrick Cote, Nate Marquardt, Nate Quarry, and Yushin Okama would make a great grouping.

Welterweight – This French Canadian might be the only to argue that he is the baddest man on the planet.  and to think he’s still in his 20’s keeps him self in Zen like quality state year round and has beaten some true Hall of Famers (Hughes and Penn).  He’s also destroyed some of the up and coming kids like Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch (both ass-whuppings).  No one really comes to mind at the weight class that can even ask for a fight. 

Lightweight – has once again proven he is that dominante at his proper weight class – but who does he fight now – does he retire a legend? – does he make an argument for a rematch with GSP (who else is GSP going to fight?).  Lot of questions – Diego Sanchez is the most intriguing name left in the lights that may actually give nightmares to the Prodigy. 

But this weekend wasn’t just about fighting – it was about BUFFALO!!  Eric has done a wonderful job of showing us all how a bust is made and also his on-going to out-do athletes, celebraties, and anyone he comes into contact with. 

Congrats to Bruce Smith

Ralph Wilson

Derrick Thomas (“Stay Hard DT”)

Rod Woodson

Old Man Randall McDaniel

and Finally the Bullet –

These gentlemen all deserve to have there busts and capped off a nice weekend seeing the Buffalo faithful screaming BRRRRUUUUUUCCCEEEEEE!!! and a touching enshrinement for Derrick “Baby LT” Thomas.  


Who should be in the Hall?  Who can fight Silva?  Who is the Baddest Man on the Planet?  There are a lot of questions.  What do you think?





2 responses

10 08 2009

once spider moves up, the light hvy wt div will be the focus for many many UFC PPV to come. nice quote from dana white… “He would jump in that mix [at the top of the light heavyweight division],” White said. “You’ve got Rashad [Evans], you’ve got Rampage [Jackson], [Lyoto] Machida is the champion. And Tito [Ortiz] is in the mix now.”… that’s quite sea salty!

10 08 2009

Its amazing to think – Machida/Rua – Rampage/Sugar and there will be a new TUF about heavy’s – its like Dana White wants to only see the big boys fight. Hoping for some type of action in the lower weight classes. Guess White realizes Boxing doesn’t have a heavy weight market so why not and try and own the big boys. Hell it seems to be working.

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