W T F ??

8 08 2009

Vicente Padilla was designated for assignment tonight…..WOW!

Gotta say when your club is 4.5 games out of the division lead and playing the Angels this weekend as well as 2 back in the WC race….don’t like this at all.

T.R. Sullivan has details on his blog.

I know that Vinny throws at guys from time to time. His teammates don’t care for that at all, and he speaks very little English….but geez! The Rangers have relied on Padilla for the lionshare of the season, and he has been pretty decent. Sure he will have a clunker every 5th or 6th outing, but you will be hard pressed to get the same consistency from Nippert and Holland in the rotation.

Hell, good pitching doesn’t grow on trees. And yeah, many of you will probably say…..”it’s all about 2010″. To that I say BULLSHIT!! Nothing is promised next year in the game of baseball especially at the biggest of levels. What if a rash of young arms gets injured? What if Millwood takes a slight step back? What if the bullpen sucks next year (it is a year to year proposition people)? What is the best Josh hamilton we have seen was in 2008? Now I like many of you salivate over the crop of young talent mixed in with the existing cornerstones….but got news folks…..the Angels aren’t going to get worse. The Redsox, Yankees, Whitesox, and Tigers will all still be good. If those teams fall off what to they do?? They make moves and spend money. There is no grand 3-5 year plan in place with clubs like that. That is why they are good and we are the Rangers.

Great to see Julio Borbon up here. Hope he does his best Figgings impression, but will Wash play him? He did nothing but sit last time after an initial start when called up earlier in the season. Ahhhh!! Pitching wins and we get rid of it.

Not gonna let this spoil the dinner. The lady made roast.




2 responses

8 08 2009

i can only think its all about chemistry. if vinny had started to be a better RANGER after his last attn getting move by the org change his tune, one outing woudnt matter. the rest of the guys would cut for him and say he’s trying to be a better RANGER. apparently not. so now an ace, a 3 (who can be 2 with consistency), two 4s, and a 5 have to carry the rotation. OK… i applaud their morals… but now, its AL F-ING WEST TITLE… if they dont get their nut, hide your penis..

8 08 2009

I would be really surprised if they went to the playoffs with their young and mostly inexperienced rotation. But I guess we as ‘Ranger fans’ can feel good that an evil Latin gentleman is off the club.

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