Even More Ranger Chaos…

8 08 2009

Off the wagon last winter at an Arizona bar??

Not sure about the validity of the photos that cropped up on deadspin today…..Josh of course has comeback from a slew of demons of drug and alcohol abuse in his past. He has written a book and speaks publicly quite often about his new found relationship with Jesus. A great story of redemption, but he will surely be thrown squarely under the bus for this incodent. The tatoos look to be real in the photos, which makes it hard for me to write this story off. However, we are in the world of photoshop, so anything is possible. Josh’s personal handler Johnny Narron weighs in.

1:44PM…..Evan Grant has more…..Josh has owned up to it.

Personally, I really don’t care what the guy does in his free time. Partying and and taking whipped cream shots off girls looks like a blast, and I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t do it if the situation presented itself. However, possibly cheating on your wife and relapsing into possible substance abuse is not cool. Especially when stars like Josh are role models to a lot of kids out there.

According to our good friend Jeff Wilson of the DMN and FWST, the club will address the issue before today’s game against the Halos. Pretty sure the club will tap-dance around the issue, but in all honesty the Ranger fan won’t really care as long as Josh keeps hitting, which he has managed to start doing on this roadtrip, including a big 3 run shot last night in an 11-6 win over the Angels.

Texas is now 3.5 back of the Angels in the west with 2 more in the OC this weekend. Also, the club is just 1 game back of the RedSox in the wildcard chase after the BoSox fell last night 2-0 to the Yanks in 15. Seems they are in a bit of a free fall.

I am not posting this because I have animosity or anger towards Josh. I support the guy to the fullest. Just reporting the news here, hope Josh keeps being productive and can get past this situation. Now lets go beat the Angels again this afternoon.




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8 08 2009

we now know that the pics are real. funny how ESPN News hasnt even run a scroll for it as of 3pm cst. legally, he’s in the clear. with his family, he’s probably close to death row. no reason for pity. he was in control of the situation before he ever stepped foot in that bar. now days i am more shocked when a guy stays clean then when he relapses. nothing we can say as fans or media on a negative level can equal even 1% of the negative energy that now surrounds his family. if i were to feel sorry for anyone, its his wife. she is beautiful, educated, faithful even through his worst yrs. i bet she thought he would do crack again before he would let another woman touch him like those in the pics did. whether its josh, quincy, irvin, etc, they all get my prayers and support because addiction IS as much of the struggle that we are warned about at a young age..BUT, they do deserve whatever extra negative attn comes their way when they embarrass or hurt their families.

8 08 2009


9 08 2009
Just Me


9 08 2009
Just Me

One other thing:Sea Bass, your misspelling is starting to drive me crazy. I wouldn’t care as much if this was a Ticket message board, but you, sir, are a professional journalist. Proofread before you click submit.PS: Liking the blog so far but the font is killing me.Godspeed.

9 08 2009

My bad, will work on it. Glad you enjoy the blog so far.

9 08 2009

in britney fan voice*** LEAVE SEA BASS ALONE!! HE’S A HUMAN!!!

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