Can Tony Romo be more like Eli in ’09??

5 08 2009

Eli Manning had the money truck back right up to his house today w/ 6yrs 97.5 million.

Here in Cowboy country some might think this is absurd. So many are enfatuated with the unproven and in my opinion overrated Tony Romo. Heck, even some hefty girls struggle to find a pink #9 that fits in the gift shops. (They should be linited to numbers of offensive and defensive linemen)….I kid. Some of these people still think that Eli is still an inferior talent. Silly in my opinion.

I know there are two better QB’s in the league….maybe even in the NFC, but for the sake of taking up some not so valuable blog space I wanted to spend some time trying to convince you (and maybe myself too) that Tiger Romo…I mean Tony Romo can break through in ’09 and finally end Dallas’ 13 year playoff win drought. The two are of similar physical stature, similar in arm-strength, and have faced similar criticisms in their careers…..the only difference is Eli actually broke through and shut up his critics in the postseason of ’07-’08.

The Time is Right for Romo

In his 3.5 season as the starting QB in New York, Eli won himself a Superbowl beating the Patriots in one of the biggest two finger top and bottom shockers in the history of the NFL. Before that season Manning faced a world of criticism after not being able to advance the G-men past the 1st round in in a pair of attempts….sound a little familiar??

Romo is rolling into his 3.5 season as the man under center in Dallas. Sure T.O. is gone, but there are still legit weapons in his arsenal….Jason Witten, Roy Williams (I think), MB3, Felix Jones, Martellus Bennett….and some very average talents in Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, and Tashard Choice. Back in 2007 Manning had talent as well, but he didn’t really take control of the huddle until NY told Jeremy Shockey to get lost. The Cowboys did that to Owens this off-season.

I know that Eli had Plaxico in his SB run, and T.O. is the most similar animal that Romo has ever had, but there is a common factor in that ’07 Giants team that this 2009 Cowboys squad has now in training camp. That is depth at runningback. If it wasn’t for the 3 headed monster in the NY backfield that season (Jacobs, Ward, and Bradshaw), I have a hard time believing that they would have done what they did. That season Eli threw 23 TD’s and 20 picks, which wasn’t very impressive. It wasn’t until late in the season when the Giants emphasized the run and really started to steam-roll teams. Maybe the Cowboys might want to think about doing this in ’09 and avoid another December melt-down.

Eli’s career stats side by side with Romo’s career stats.

If you look closely at the numbers, Romo might have slightly better passing numbers overall. However, one can argue that he has had slightly more talent in the passing game available over the past few years….and he is not in a more run-based offense like the Giants.

Can Garrett change in 2009?

So many times over the past few seasons we have seen the Cowboys somewhat abandon the run. Granted, injuries to MB3 and Felix Jones last season forces the offense to be a little more pass-happy, but overall Garrett doesn’t stick to the run ala Giants, Steelers, and Panthers. I think Tony Romo can be a good play-maker, but if you want to make things more ‘Romo-friendly’ (which is the big buzz word at camp) then Garrett will turn Tony into one of the greatest bus-drivers in the history of the NFL.

Personally I think that Romo has topped out in the talent department, so it’s time for Garrett to help oy his QB and get a little more conservative. And ‘Red-ball’ can do that by running the hell out of the football in 2009.

You have a physical back that take a pounding with 15-18 carries a game and is amazing inside the 5 yd. line in Marion Barber (Brandon Jacobs). The Cowboys have a fast back that can be moved all around the field and be a real asset in the passing game in Felix Jones (Derrick Ward). And Dallas discovered at the end of last season that Tashard Choice can handle the load when needed (see Ahmad Bradshaw in the playoffs of ’07). If Dallas’ run to pass ratio is 55-45% this will be a strong and efficient offense this coming season.

Mirror Images??

To me, the parallels between this Cowboys team and the Giants Superbowl squad are staggering. And that is not even bringing defense into the discussion. New York had the best pass-rush in football in 2007. One could argue that DeMarcus Ware and the Cowboys might be able to have an elite pass rush this coming season if everyone stays healthy. I say that because I am a big believer in Wade Phillips as a d-coordinator, which might save his job as a head coach in 2009. I know he is an easy target because he hasn’t won a playoff game, but do you as a Cowboy fan want to run off Romo for the same reason? Most would say no. So lets be fair to good ol’ Wade….how bout it?

I know this argument or idea is not a completely original one, especially here in Dallas. But it is interesting to see if Romo can continue on the path that we have seen Eli go down over the past few years. The time could be right for Romo. If not then Cowboy fans will have even more to bitch about.



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6 08 2009

he already has… eli went 13-3 and lost first playoff game last yr. romo’s 2 playoff games are much better performances than eli’s first 3, but romo had a D that gave up too many big plays, terry glen fumble, and 12 drops in those 2 games combined. and whitten rarely went out on pass patterns in the 4th qtr of giants game to stay in and block. the question is, can the rest of the team back up romo’s solid post season performances to them playoff wins… i lay out my 12 pounder and challange anyone to dispute me.

6 08 2009

You sound like most Cowboy fans.

6 08 2009

most cowboy fans speak on emotion only. i sound like someone who has the playoff dvd’s and charted the games on yellow pad, norm-esque. id be willing to get together with you and a few beverages and re-watch those to refresh your memory πŸ™‚ the heck with eli, i like phillip rivers’ game much better.

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