I Love This Team

4 08 2009

I cant hardly believe what I am writing, but I love This Ranger team and I think we may be watching a 2010-2011 World Series contender   WHAT?  Is that?.. Did I just?…Yes!   Believe it, Ranger fans.  Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of a knee jerk, but consider the following…

Exibit A.  Tonight;  So far, Dustin Nippert, a hard throwing righty pitched 5 innings of 1 hit ball, striking out 5, only to be outdone by Neftali Feliz. who made his major league debut, out of the bullpen.  To say it is going well, might be understating just a tish. He only struck out the first 4 batters he faced (for those of you who arent familir, this kid can only hit 3 digits when he rares back, being compared closest to Pedro Martinez).  And good gosh, what’s AS impressive, is the way he did it.  He was embarrasing batters with hard, electric stuff, and throwing it almost effortlessly.  Tomorow night, Derek Holland will start, followed by Tommy Hunter. 

And there is more on the way.  Soon to come, Justin Smoak, Chris Davis (tearing it up in AAA) will be back,  or maybe Julio Borbon. According to many baseball experts, this team’s farm system is one of the best in baseball.  (thats gotta be a first, Im pretty sure no one has ever accused this organization of being the best at anything)
As I write this, the score is 2-0, with 4 picthers combining for a 2 hit shutout.  But its not over yet.  They may loose this game, and I think they will eventually loose this wildcard race, but they are in it.  but I think tonight IS the future, and the future is bright, and its apparently much sooner than later. 




2 responses

4 08 2009

Looks like you blogged a little early, bub.

4 08 2009

Despite the colossal meltdown, I stand behind my statements. I seriously doubt In CJ’s defense,there was not a hard hit ball that entire inning. Yeah it hurts, but I seriously doubt CJ is this team’s closer when they are serious contenders in the next couple years. As I told a friend last night, its not about the W’s this year. This is about 2010-2011.

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