Ain’t No Party Like an AL West Coast Party….

4 08 2009

Neftali Feliz amazed in his big league debut last night in a 3-2 loss to the Swingin’ A’s.

If you fought off sleep last night, you experienced maybe the biggest emotional swing in a game in the history of the franchise. Neftali Feliz followed up 5 innings of 1 hit ball from Dutin Nippert with 2 perfect innings, fanning the 1st 4 batters he faced clocking 100mph on the radar gun a handfull of times. It was double awesome to see the ball explode out of Neftali’s hand after a quiet, easy throwing motion. Great stuff. Maybe the best we have ever seen from a Rangers pitcher. Nolan included. T.R. Sullivan has a story of an incredible debut. By the way there is video included so you can see what Neftali did in Oakland.

Nelson Cruz came up gimpy after Rajai Davis’ walkoff winner, which has the All-Star day to day for now. The club at the moment says they will see how the ankle reacts before placing him on the DL or not. Jeff Wilson of the DMN and FWST has more on that.

With Kinsler on the DL this is 2 somewhat productive right handed bats out at the moment. I am almost glad this is happening, just to remind all of the 2010 cool-aid drinkers that a lot of this team;s depth is probably gone next season….Byrd, Vizquel, Jones, and maybe Hank Blalock. This team will have to re-tool big time in the off-season…so let’s not go acting like next season is gonna kick major ass. Hate how some feel that it’s all gonna be roses and blowjobs next season.

Last night went from elation to anguish after C.J. Wilson blew his 3rd save chance of the year. I still am loving what the lefty is doing this season, but it does make you wonder how he will mentally react next time out. We all know that C.J. has plus stuff, but it’s always been a question of his mental makeup. He is more mature now….he should be alright. I think.

Now comes the question of Neftali’s future. The powers that be still want him to be a starter for the long-haul. As do I, but if his secondary pitches don’t progress for whatever reason I have absolutely no problem with him becoming an elite closer in baseball. Sure, the though of Feliz, Holland, Hunter, Hurley, Harrison, etc. excites most fans, but I ask you how valuable has K-Rod been for years in the game?? Having a dominant closer makes your bullpen much more steady going forward. A team that has a top-line closer can have a more dependable bullpen for years while 85% of the MLB is going with a year to year proposition (like Texas has been doing for a long time now). See what K-Rod leaving the Angels did? Just sayin’.

Tonight ‘Wonderboy’ gets a crack at the A’s trying to even up the 4 game series after an absolute gem last time out against the M’s lasting 8 and 2/3’s. The A’s offense is not good, but neither is the Rangers at the momennt, or for the past 3 months….whatever. The Ranger bats deal with Gio Gonzalez who has an ERA over 7, but the ball does not jump at night by the bay, so we could see another low scoring game. Who knows.

Also found this really interesting. The club seems pretty despearate to get people in the park and spend money. Just another sign that Hicks Co. is strug-ga-ling.

Other Stuff that Deserves Mentioning from Tuesday….

Your Dallas Mavericks released their 2009-2010 schedule earlier today at noon. Looks much like another NBA season will happen in Dallas. Although it should be interesting to see how the newest incarnation of this roster can gel with 7 of their 1st 10 on the road with stops in LA (Lakers), Orlando, and San Antonio.

Speaking of the association’s sked release….why in the hell are we supposed to still care that Kobe and Shaq will spend Christmas day meeting up?? They don’t play the same position and they don’t really hate each other that much anymore. They have both grown up a bit and could probably care less. The media and ESPN are blowing this ‘rivalry’ way out of proportion and it’s getting uber-stale.

Do you really care?? There are no juicy story-lines this week. Just heavy practice schedules and a few spare position battles…..other than that Camp is a real snoozer. But hey at least we have football around the corner.

However there are a number of other issues in the good ol’ NFof L. A longtime Giant is heading to KC…..Can’t believe that the lilly white bratwurst eating Bob-Sturms of the Wisconsin area would be on board with Michael Vick coming to town…..Here is some proof that Twitter is a tool of evil….and apparently a Raiders reject is good enough for the great NE Patriots…..and the Redskins welcomed aboard what I predict to be one of the most over-paid players in football over the next few seasons….

Well I am all sportsed out now…..So I leave you with a little Tuesday evening bliss from the great Diane Birch….enjoy.




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