Pearl Jam the Greatest Band of Our Generation

1 08 2009

Ok So I just finished pooping out pounds of beef ribs.  Yeah I just said that.  Let me say though the biggest crap i’ve come across tonight is the original Pearl Snap Discount Wearer, Mark, butchering a freaking American Staple. 

Pearl Jam is so much more then……one album –

Yes this is there best album and yes it was there first.  But for anyone who grew up in the 90’s this is an album that carried you through all the crap.   We wouldn’t have survived Y2K if it wasn’t for Eddie’s Gravelly voice.

But to say that they suck since then or that they aren’t good is to dismiss the only band that survived the 90’s.   Just as U2 survived the 80’s to be the world saver’s they are, PJ revolutionized the Musical genre – with its sound, its politics, its boldness, its LIVE performances, and its amazing lyrics.  And its not just Eddie.  Stone Gossard is one of the best rhythm guitarists of the past twenty years –

Then you get into the rest of the amazing band.  Mike McCready, the man behind all those incredible riffs –

and then we get to the Jeff Ament and his big ol’ bass.  The man is a freaking icon and not to mention the pimpest hat attire ever –

o yeah Mark – You should love the B-Balling Jeff Ament.  And to those that robbed him a few months back…..just wait!!!

Now Pearl Jam has gone thru its share of Drummers from Dave Krusen, Matt Chamberlain, Dave Abbruzzese, Jack Irons, and now Matt Cameron (formerly of Soundgarden fame).  

Great Producer like Brenden O’Brien are also important in the long reign of this amazing band.

So far they’ve mad a perfect album – Ten.  And a slew of quality, though not on Ten’s level, albums from – the Raw Vs. to Vitalogy (one of the best sellers of all-time for alternative rock bands), No code thru Binaurel may have not lived up to the first three, but the self-titled Pearl Jam and the hundreds of bootlegs that they have put out – show there brilliance.

Countless songs, covers, remakes, ramblings and performances give this band its mystic. 

In a few months Eddie Vedder and the Gang will be in Austin for ACL 09′.   I recommend buying a ticket to the GREATEST BAND!!!

Mark also – since those who may not know you as well as your BFF (me) – if it wasn’t for Eddie Vedder and his pirate radio in the early days there would be no Foo Fighters.  Dave Grohl would have washed away like Krist Noveselic did after Cobain died.  If it wasn’t for Eddie’s fine ear the world would have missed out on the talents of Dave Grohl and Foo.

So before you go bashing this Iconic Band – Realize you’re an A-hole.  Haha – Love Ya.  I couldn’t just stand around as you bashed my band. 


Thoughts?  FUCK YOUR THOUGHTS!!!  Unless they are pro my cause. 

Anyways enough Ranting – More baseball Talk.

ACL 09.

Could this HAPPEN AGAIN?????




2 responses

1 08 2009

I said I LIKED the new song. It surprised me. Geez, what would you have posted if I said I hated the new song?

2 08 2009

I most likely would have made fun of your hair. Have fun in Mexico, don’t drink the water and don’t have beach sex with random dark skinned lovelies who walk the beaches at night (or was that a scene from the firm?).

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