Oh Snap! It’s August!

1 08 2009

So Cowboy training camp isn’t in SoCal this year, but at least football is creeping in as we hit the 8th month of the year. Pow! Get your Cap’n Crunch ready!!

I know we are less than a week into training camp, and outside of the thousands of screaming Spurs fans filling the Alamodome on a daily basis, one can almost hear the crickets. No T.O., no Pac-Man, no Tank Johnson, no Hard Knocks film crew, no holdouts, no White House, no lawsuits, no grand jury hearings, and the like…..But what we do have is a celeb QB and an owner highjacking press conferences. The media is going to have to get more creative that Davey Crockett at the Alamo, because there is nothing juicy yet about Camp Cupcake redux. Unless you are sucked in by trash talk between NFC East rivals. Honestly the most compelling thing might be a low profile position battle on the D-line.

Hell, the Hawaii Football program is having more issues right now that America’s team.

I am sure injuries will happen, and there might be some appeal to see if Jason Garrett has made any tweaks with the offense with 3 healthy backs and no game changing WR. I can’t tell you how much camp is an afterthought right now with the Rangers in a playoff chase. But as always we will be locked in to the teams latest bowel movements because Cowboys are still and always will be king in North Texas. We will have a rail of Cowboys to snort on our breaking mirrors before we know it. Promise.

As some of you know I am a 49ers fan. I nearly wet myself on draft day when I realized that the Niners were landing Michael Trabtree….I mean Crabtree. I just hope that this 2 time Belitnikoff winner is not a doucher TO starter kit. But Trabtree isn’t the only diva WR in the league.

Also as the Vikes look past Favre, their QB battle of spares took a new twist (pardon the pun).

We could dive into college football, but we have all month leading up to the NCAA kickoff. We will have a good breakdown of our DFW teams from me on PSD I can promise you. I am sure that my teammates will be giving us loads of college content from a national perspective as we inch closer.

Your Texas Rangers were so occupied with Halladay talks they missed the boat on this guy.

Last night he reminded us that he won the CY Young last season.

Boy the Phils have a real chance at being scary from here out. They might run and hide in the NL East, and the Dodgers might be the only NL club that can hang. Should be fun as we watch from afar.

We all sat by and watched Texas do nothing as they let tghe deadline pass without adding to a team trying to win a division or clinch the Wildcard. But let us all remember that Texas can still add. I am having a hard time being happy that Texas didn’t get better when the RedSox and Tigres did, but Rangers media guru Jamey Newberg gave us this today with the tag : ‘Happily Ever After’…..which made me smile because we still have talent here.

The rains came last night which stopped things down for over two hours, but Texas did manage to hold off the M’s 5-4, as Vinny came back from the Swine Flu and looked great.

It’s amazing to see the progression of everyone’s favorite Guitar Hero champ C.J. Wilson, as he is ripping away the closer’s job from the pnuemonia ridden Frankie Fransisco. Our good friend Richard Durrett blogged himself about the question of who gets the 9th when everyone is healthy. I never thought i would say this, but give me CJ at this point. His stuff is as good as it has ever been. maybe a reason alone to extend Maddux now. Good problem to have indeed, because if the wheels come off CJ you have a guy who can be just as dominant.

Tonight we have ‘Touchdown’ Tommy Hunter on the hill gunning for his 4th win, and looking to build on a number of fantastic starts. With the optimism we have for the club winning 10 of 12, there is always the universe there to balance things out. Kevin Millwood is getting pushed back again. A real pain in the ass. You couple this with Kinsler missing 3 straight with a hammy issue – not fun. You say it might not matter because the M’s are sucking and the A’s are the A’s even in Oakland, but the month of August will test the meddle of these kids and the underachieving leaders on this club (Hamilton, Kinsler).

Here is what is on tap….

Seattle, at Oakland (winable series indeed) here is a preview of the next 5 off the offical website, at LAA (big), at Cleveland, Boston(WC leader),Minnesota(Mauer morneau) at Tampa Bay(not giving up at all), at New York (you know how that can be), at Minnesota (plastic bubble), Toronto (raising white flag, but still have Doc)…..and this is all before a hopefully insanely crucial September.

Good baseball makes life better. It’s science.

Now time to Wrangle some sports….Wrangler Sport…..get it??…..ah this is wasted on you….

The Arturo Gatti story will not die (oooh, another unfortunate pun)…..I don’t think Tiger is done, he followed up a 71 with a 63 at warwick Hills in the final Buick Open (at least in title)…..John Daly and I might have a lottle something in common, I just hope that he doesn’t go the way of ‘Landfill’ from Beerfest…..and a little Boogety, Boogety, Boogety for your racing pants. They are racing at Pocono this weekend…..

That’s about all we have on the plate today. Beerfest got me thinking. So enjoy.




2 responses

1 08 2009

Captain Crunch > PopcornSea Bass, your collection of sports potpourri smells delicious. I cannot wait to trade Tashard Choice for a quality DB. Mark my words, Jerry will drive up demand for this kid and trade him at his peak.

2 08 2009

Love it Bass, The Gatti story is indeed getting more interesting by the day. Did you see how the Oakland Raiders have opened up training camp – down right fascinating stuff.

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