Trailer Round-Up Vol. 1

31 07 2009

This might as well turn into a regular segment… but, I could easily lose interest in the concept over time. We’ll see.

Anyway, this is a list of trailers for the films I have a certain degree of interest in seeing. Some more than others. We’ll start with a film that earned a respectable spot at Sundance this year. It’s called Paper Heart staring Michael Cera and newcomer Charlyne Yi, who also helped pen the screenplay. Although this hipster stuff is actually starting to wear on me a bit considering they’re like a dime a dozen these days (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Adventureland are a couple of recent one’s,) I do think this has a somewhat nice concept. Check it out…

Paper Heart

Another film I’m extremely interested in (and not only because the trailer makes use of an Arcade Fire song… although it doesn’t hurt) is Spike Jonze’s adaptation of the famous children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. Make sure to watch it in HD.

Where the Wild Things Are

When I saw they were remaking (or I guess I should say re-envisioning) a movie from my childhood, I was extremely skeptical. Who can really blame me though. Have you SEEN the trailer for G.I. Joe?! It’s like they’ve hired someone to rape my childhood right in front of me on the big screen. Anyway, Disney is releasing Tron: Legacy next year in 3D, and I must say it looks pretty impressive judging from this trailer released at Comic Con last week.

Tron: Legacy

Although this summer has been craptastic (invented word) in the movie theatres for the most part, I think at least a couple of films still hold some hope. One of these is Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Inglorious Bastards (more on that later this week,) but the other is the Peter Jackson produced District 9. I think this one looks particularly interesting because it’s visual style reminds me of another sci-fi film I really loved called Children of Men, which came out a couple of years ago. I also think the sci-fi genre is at it’s finest when it uses the medium to tackle real life issues. This film appears to be using it’s story to address racism and immigration. If I’ve lost you, it also has some kick ass special effects. Enjoy.

District 9

Of course, these could all suck, and G.I. Joe could end up being awesome… so don’t hold me to any of these.




One response

1 08 2009

I’ve reached the point of Michael Cera overload. The only character he plays is George Michael, and he won’t even sign on for the Arrested Development movie! Until he learns what the word ‘range’ means or realizes that the only cast member with less talent on AR was Alia Shawkat, I will not be seeing any more of his work.

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