Trade Deadline Closed

31 07 2009

Wow so the week started off pretty quiet and ended with a few big bangs.  Both Sox teams make big moves, a bunch of pitchers moved though none of them named Doc, and even Money Ball made an appearance.

So what is what and who went where and what it all means. 

Roy Halladay -is still a Jay Bird.

This Cy Young Winner is headed for the Windy City.

White Sox gave up left-handed pitchers Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, and right-handers Dexter Carter and Adam Russell.  Jake is expected to return later this month.  A bit of a shocker move, but still not bad to get a Cy Young winner under the age of 30 who’s injury was a leg related and not arm-related.  Could be a nice motivational surge for the SouthSide boys to make a push once Jake is fully healthy.

Speaking of Sox – Those darn Southy folks got the real big bat they were looking for.  C/1B Victor Martinez comes over from the Indians giving them a power bat since Big Papa doesn’t have Big Pills to Pop anymore.  They also dealt Adam LaRouche to the Braves for another big swinger in Casey Kotchman.  All you Ranger fans kiss the playoffs goodbye – the Sox look to want to shore up the wildcard or take the division leaving the Pinstripes as the likely wildcard. 

Now the move that will have the most dividends this post season – Detroit gets a nice pitching Lefty in Seattle’s Jarrod Washburn –

I know he’s 34 years old and the Tigers had to give away lefty – Luke French.  But check out Jarrod’s line – 2.64 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, .223 Batting Avg.  Now he’s not a huge Strike Out Guy – but he is reliable and lets not forget Detroit can actually use there bats unlike the M’s.  Given runs Jarrod would have at least been 10-4 instead of his 8-6 record.  Watch out for the Tigers this year – they have a hell-of-a-staff!! – with Verlander, Jackson, Procello, Washburn and the kid Galarraga.  This move is just as big and important as Cliff Lee to Philly (though Lee is a #1 and Wash a solid #2).  Philly and Detroit looking GOOD!

Ok so Minnesota actually showing they want to make a run acquired, SS Orlando Cabrera from Oakland.  This move really gives Minnesota’s M&Ms (Morneau and Mauer ) a great lead off or second hitter in front of them.  Also Orlando is on pace for a hell of a lot more hits then previous years.  Don’t forget this will help the defense with OC running around the infield.

NOW those good old Blue Jays and Mr. Ricciardi did make a move – they sent 3B Scott Rolen to the Reds……Yeah as meaningless as it sounds.

That’s that – Closed Market .





One response

31 07 2009

if tx got Doc today, i think in a couple yrs there would have been a ticket segment titled WHAT IF tx WOULDN’T HAVE MADE THAT TRADE? its the same segment that Minn sports radio has when they try to figure out what players would have been available at the draft picks they gave to dallas for HW. for the $, in 2 yr, what you pay Doc for his age then compared what we SHOULD be getting from our smoak, dutch, et al, i think we will be way ahead.

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