Sports: Up the Street and Around the World

31 07 2009

Up the Street

I think there might be a great deal of Ranger fans out there very unhappy that Roy Holiday or Cliff Lee is not suiting up in a Texas Ranger uniform tonight.  After all, our Rangers are in a top 5-10 market  which means we should have the money to hang with the  Mariners, Twins, Tigers, even White Soxs, all of who made major improvements to there team in the last 48 hours.  Hey, I’m as frustrated as anyone at these Rangers for claiming to be a small market team over the last several years.

In fact, I cant even believe I am about to defend the Rangers for not making a move.  But truth is, the price was just too high.  According to reports, Toronto was asking Justin Smoak, our #1 hitting prospect in the minors (and believe it or not, that saying something considering the Rangers are considered to have the #1 or 2 best farm system in baseball) and LP Derek Holland, who is the closest the Rangers have to a #1 Ace pitcher since Kevin Brown back in the 80’s.  Drafted and homegrown straight out of the little Rangers system.   I just don’t see how mortgaging our future is worth a rent-a- pitcher who probably helps us make MAYBE make it into the playoffs.  I still don’t think we can compete with the Red Sox/Yankees/Angels/White Sox/Tigers.   They are still just too good.
The good news is we didn’t pull the trigger, and the future of this club is still intact. 

In a perfect world, we make our run in 2010, with our own kids, and with a new owner who can spend some money in the off-season where we don’t have to give up anything.  I know, I know, eternal optimism, and it even sickens me.  But as Ranger Fans, all we have ever known. 

Around the World

Say it aint so Papi?   Another big name tests positive for Steroids.  Should we be disappointed?  Im sorry, I have come to place where I just dont care anymore.  I just assumed that during this time, everyone did it.  Everyone.  From Roger Clemens, to EVERY Ranger, to David Eckstein.  I am guessing they felt they had to; to be the best, to make it in the big leagues, or to stay.  Im not saying Im ok with it, but it is reality.  MLB needs to release the other names on the list so we can move on.  And sorry Steroid Era, no one makes it into in the Hall, based on the merrits during those years. No one.

Thanks for your sports time, I know its valuable.  Your comments are valued here at “The Discount”




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