Rangers Stand Pat

31 07 2009

The most appropriate image I could find as the Rangers make no moves today.

As posted earlier there was a flurry of moves in the great game…..The WhiteSox finally landed Peavy, Rolen is a Red, Jarrod Washburn is dealt to the Tigres, and Roy Halladay is staying put….not to mention a slew of smaller moves.

Gadrick did a great job of touching on the biggest moves of the day, but if you want a detailed breakdown of everything that happened today go to the Greatest Website on Earth outside of PSD.

 I am not sure what exactly happened in negotiations between Texas and Toronto, but from what our sources are saying is that JD and Nolan were unwilling to separate with young Wonderboy Derek Holland, who by the way might have saved his Ranger career with 8 and 2/3’s of 2 hit ball last night against the M’s.  We are hearing that AAA 1st baseman Justin Smoak, fellow Red Hawk OF Julio Borbon, and one of their catchers were at the center of the discussions for Doc.

I am somewhat alright with Texas not giving away their best prospects for the best pitcher in the AL, but it does irk me that they were not more active on the Cliff Lee front. There were seemingly no talks about adding a bat to a hot and cold lineup from what we can tell. I am sure phone calls were made, but the whispering writers gave us nothing about this. I guess being a baseball fan of a team that is competing I want my front office doing everything possible to make this club better NOW, but we all know about broke ass Hicks Co. which handcuffs Jon Daniels.

So what now??

Well, Texas has the Mariners again tonight at the Temple as Vinny Padilla shakes off the dreaded Swine Flu gunning for his 8th win. Personally I would be satisfied with anything over 5 innings. Apparently he wasn’t feeling strong before he was scratched earlier this week, so I would assume that his stamina would be slightly less after sitting (and probably vomitimg at times) for more than a week.

Offensively the club responded after an 18K performance with 5 homers last night in a win. That’s great, but it still doesn’t make me feel better about an offense that has the 2nd lowest OBP in the AL and has trouble with runners in scoring position. However in a pennant chase I will take anything we can get.

Once again Ian Kinsler is out for the 3rd consecutive game…..Jason Vargas of Seattle has to deal with this….

1. Omar Vizquel, 2B
2. Michael Young, 3B * locked in at the moment
3. Marlon Byrd, LF
4. Nelson Cruz, RF
5. Hank Blalock, 1B
6. Andruw Jones, DH
7. Josh Hamilton, CF * had better at bats last night
8. Taylor Teagarden, C
9. Elvis Andrus, SS * man-crush

A good offical MLB breakdown of tonight’s match-up

Interesting to see Teagarden again with Padilla. Me likey.

ADVISORY P1’s : No DiamondTalk tonight after the game. For some reason KTCK management feels that Jim in Irving racing his souped up Ford Focus against Craig from Wautauga in his pristine Astro van is more important to the DFW sports fan. So if you call in tonight and want to talk Rangers on the day of the MLB trade deadline you are SOL, unless you want to check out the pom-pom and foam finger on 105.3…..I am not bitter or anything.

But have no worries. There will be a late night wrap-up here on PSD.

It is Friday night afterall, so for those of you who are not obsessing over Rangers baseball on your sofa here is a little advice….




One response

31 07 2009

ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME???!!! NO DT??? tx is in the middle of a pennant race and we in here talking about something that’s not even the independent league of fast and furious. FINE – here’s my contribution.. sponsored by summer’s eve racing.. “Let me tell you what Melba Toast is packing right here. I’ve got four-eleven positrack out back. Seven-fifty double pumper. Edelbrock intake, bored over thirty, eleven to one pop up pistons. Turbo jet, three ninety horse power. We’re talking some ****ing muscle…” if you know the reference without googling, i love you!

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