We wonder about Wonderboy and Scoring on Dance Night

30 07 2009

The Pen could use a rest bro….

Can Wonderboy do enough tonight against the M’s to make us feel good about him

in the rotation during a pennant race? Or will the Rangers use him in a trade for Doc Halladay?

Your Rangers lineup tonight that fanned a MLB season high 18 times last night
2B Omar Vizquel
3B Michael Young
LF Marlon Byrd
RF Nelson Cruz
1B Hank Blalock
DH Andruw Jones
CF Josh Hamilton
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia
SS Elvis Andrus

Once again no Kinsler – that Hammy is worse than we all think….I think…

At 3.5 back of the Halos every game from here out is more of a need to win game than the last one. The Mariners are fresh off a trade adding Jack Wilson and Ian Snell, so there is a chance they might be a little charged up tonight at the Temple. Hell they beat Roy Halladay yesterday.

Speaking of the Doc…..I found this entry from T.R. Sullivan quite interesting. Still have serious doubts about Texas actually pulling this off. It was reported that the groundskeepers only bought enough baseball’s to last through July to save money recently. Not good.

I made an analogy last night on Diamondtalk. I will repeat it here. Roy Halladay is like the homecoming king at a high school dance. There are pleanty of hots at the dance (Angels, Dodgers, RedSox, Phillies) but they are all heading out to party with some of the other dudes and make bad choices as we all want to do on dance night. Then you have the cute, bute kinda nerdy girl in the corner that everyone thinks is really nice, and deep down in everyone’s mind she is going to be a really hot and cool chick in college (Rangers loaded farm-system). Halladay is having a great time at the dance, but suddenly he is noticing that all of the other nice pieces of ass are leaving, and pretty soon all that is left is the quirky gal (the Rangers).

Now the slightly nerdy chick (Rangers) have to decide if she wants to go back to her friends house (not make a move) and they can watch scary movies, eat ice cream, and pass sout on the couch in their sweats (nice season – no playoffs). Or she can finally live a little and try to make a name for herself with her friends (MLB / national media) and realize a lot of potential a helluva lot earlier than everyone thought she would by getting laid by the homecoming king (Division Title/WildCard and Playoffs). I know it’s kind of a dumb analogy, but sometimes you have to say screw it and live for the moment.

So in conclusion I am in the camp that thinks JD and Hicks Co. need to put out in the back of the car and make a deal with the Jays G.M. They have until 3 tomorrow. I pray they make something happen. But a lot of the times kids…..prayers are not answered, especially when there is no money to even pray.




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