East Dallas Treasure Chest of Tacos

30 07 2009

Here in Dallas, there is no shortage of places to grab quality sustenance. You can grab amazing Tex-Mex at a thousand different places, but there is a place in my hood that needs a little love…..that is the absolute Greatness of the Taco Joint off Peak and Gaston.

I can’t tell you how many times that I have rolled in before work and picked up a Gaston Grab for myself and the guys at the office. Just over $10 for 6 of the best breakfast Tacos that I have ever tasted. Just ask the fine folks at D-Magazine.
If you have been there on a Saturday morning you know the store is packed with fine folks from all around the Metroplex. The guys that run the place, Corey and Jeff, are fantastic people, uber-friendly, and can crank out the goods in a very short amount of time. Even though it can be very busy at times the store is always clean and there is plenty of place to sit and enjoy the best tacos in Big ‘D’. I don’t want to forget to mention the salsa bar that has regular, tomatillo, and (my favorite) jalapeno ranch.

You must know that this place is only open until 2PM and closed on Sunday, so you do need to make an effort to swing by during operationg hours, but even if you made a haul all the way from Oklahoma I can guarantee you that you will go home very satisfied. The guys have a different daily special and I can tell you from experience they are all fantastic.

Maybe the best part about the place….it is not a chain or corporately owned….like so many other places here in DFW. Some say Dallas doesn’t have a lot of soul and doesn’t do enough to preserve it’s own history, but when you walk in you get a sense that this place could be a landmark many years from now. In fact, the owners are very proud of the city with the giant mural on the back wall of the skyline and other familiar icons of Dallas. Not to mention some cool art work and black and white photos of regulars lining the walls.

Taco Joint is truly one of a kind and authentic. Word is spreading rapidly about this East Dallas jem, I can’t urge you enough to stop in and have your life changed forever.




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30 07 2009

Possible location for an on-the-scene roundtable podcast?? Seriously, I need to hit this place up with you…soon.

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