An Open Love Letter to the Denton Music Scene

30 07 2009

It’s a scientific fact that there is no place greater on this planet than Denton, America.  The drinks are cheap.  The college is very liberal about whom they give degrees to.  The sorority girl and the Earth girl both comingle in the same environ.  And the music is some of the most underappreciated in the state.  Here are some bands that deserve your attention.

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea – Led by the great Matthew Gray, MATAS put on one of the most engaging live shows in town.

Fergus & Geronimo – These guys have already received national attention via the most venerable indie music source, and they’ve only released a 7″ single (of which I am a proud owner).  Their Motown/60s pop-infused/indie rock sound is unlike anything out there today.  Fergus & Geronimo are about to hit the road for a world tour with Teenage Cool Kids.

Teenage Cool Kids – Led by Andrew Savage (who’s also in Fergus & Geronimo), these guys have survived a cease and desist from Hipster-hop group, The Cool Kids, over their name.  They settled out of court and got to keep their name.  Much more straight forward indie rock; think Dinosaur Jr.  Their just released Foreign Lands album is great.

Midlake – Of course, there cannot be a proper discussion on Denton music without mentioning Midlake.  They received worldwide attention with their 2006 album, The Trials of Van Occupanther.  It might be one of the best albums I own (overstatement? Mmmmmaybe).  Their follow up album, Courage of Others, should hit the finest of indie record shops this Fall.


Thank you, sweet commenter, for reminding me.  There are many, many more loveable bands from Denton not mentioned here. But, I forgot arguably my favorite Denton band….

RTB2 – Blues rock duo finally getting the local attention they so rightly deserve…and they’re friends of the show.  Ryan is one of the nicest guys around.  They just released a new EP, In the Fleshed.  I was in attendance for the following performance, and I can assure you, they melt faces.




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30 07 2009

No love for RTB2? Darcy? Mount Righteous?

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