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29 07 2009

The Rangers try to sweep away the Tigres tonight at the Temple

There is no way the maiden voyage of this sports blog would not feature every Ranger fan’s new man-crush…..

Ah pitching! How we have longed for you for so many a sweltering summer in North Texas, and by some weird occurance it is here in late July keeping Texas within shouting distance of the Halos. Over the past week we have learned that Matty Harrison is done for the year with TOS, Kevin Millwood strained his ass muscle, and Vinny Padilla is still not fully recovered from the dreaded swine flu. And what happens during that span do you ask?? Well the club has won 8 of 9, with a shaky at best rotation and arguably the best bullpen going right now in the AL. My friend Anthony Andro described the rotation issues this morning in both DFW papers.

Maybe most shocking is that this club is hanging out in the divisional and Wild-Card race, with Kinsler hitting around .250 and J-Ham slumping around the .220 neigborhood….not exactly and All-star’s starters numbers, eh? Naturally a big league club that wasn’t financially strapped would be very willing to go add a bat that could net you a decent on base average, but for some reason we haven’t seen too much on that over the last few days around the rumor-mill. By the way I would like to share with all of you my fav new site You baseball nerds can thank me laer if this is indeed a new discovery.

For some odd reason this broke-ass club is still being rumored in talks for Roy Halladay. To me this is a pretty meaningless conversation, but it does get me a little happy in the pants that the Rangers name has not fallen out of the discussion this week. The Jays and their crazy-ass GM want the prize ponies of the farm – Holland, Smoak, Feliz, Perez, and I am sure others that would automatically bolster their own system. The asking price is sky high, which is why the Phillies told the Jays to screw off and went and dealt for Cliff Lee earlier this afternoon. Gotta say….I think the Phils did the right thing here.

It just sucks you know what that Texas is finally contending and they have no real room to add salary, Halladay is due 22 M over the next season and a half, and the Jay-birds are not willing to eat a bit of his salary to help a brutha out. We are hearing that Doc wouldn’t necessarily say no to Texas, but I have my doubts that JD can pull the trigger and get the okay from Hicks Co. By the way Halladay threw today andlost to the M’s 3-2 (7IP, 11H,3R, 6K’s). Doubt he gets dealt to be quite honest.

Oh yeah and before I forget, I should let you know that the M’s made a trade today. This was a great deal for Seattle, maybe not for this season, but I think this could help the M’s in 2010, I know Ian Snell is 2-8, but in spacious Safeco he could finally figure things out.

As for things that the club can actually control….they wanted some infield depth for tonight’s game after Kinsler came up lame last night in the 6th and had to leave the game with a Hammy strain, so they called up Spider Arias and sent down Doogie Mathis, who fired 4 innings last night in a spot start. I would assume that Mathis could be back in short order after being so hell-damn good out of the pen over the past month plus, however if Frankie gets over his pnuemonia he could get some time in the OKC rotation.

Tonight’s Lineup vs. Justin Verlander (11-5)
1. Omar Vizquel, 2B
2. Michael Young, 3B
3. David Murphy, LF
4. Marlon Byrd, CF
5. Hank Blalock, 1B
6. Andruw Jones, DH
7. Josh Hamilton, RF
8. Taylor Teagarden, C
9. Elvis Andrus, SS

Notice….no Kinsler, I guess his hammy is still sore and not just a ‘cramp’ like Ron Washington was saying last night during the postgame presser. Also Josh in the 7 spot for the 3rd straight night….strug-ga-ling.

The Boys began camp practice today….(yawn)…I know that some of you are jacked up about this. I usually am excited too, however we are actually in a pennant race, so sorry for not doing back-flips. But if you need to gratify your Cowboys loins, here is some things on practice today from my fellow UNT alum Timmy McMahon of the DMN. I am sure some actual notes of interest will unfold over the coming weeks….if not…we in the media will come up with something and blow it waaaay out of proportion.

I do hope that this can be a place for you to swing by on a daily basis. This is day one of this experiment for me, but I am telling myself that I will wake my ass up in the AM and post stuff then so you can start your day with a cup of joe and get your head right with sperts. We will have a lot more on the DFW front, and the big national news that gets your pants going.

Also, I don’t want to completely beat you down with sport, so I will give you a little audio or video gold to cap things off everyday.

On this first go-round –  I delight you with a little Wilco. Enjoy the rest of Humpday.




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