DeClaration of Importance

29 07 2009

Borrowing a bit from Shakespeare I’d like to introduce YOU (family, friend, internet passer-byer, stranger, hacker, leader, whatever you want to be)


Mark has given us our handles or nicknames our reference for who we are in this fun labyrinth we call the Pearl Snap Discount.  Like a Layer Cake – its just so damn good (?).

Ok so back to good ol’ William. 

Imagine a little woman who is the size of a butterfly.  She bounces around from person to person, as they sleep, and waves her wand of magic.  She goes by many names.  She is a fairy, a witch, a dream, a nightmare, and all of these.  Mercutio called her Queen Mab.  We’ll call her Tim.  So now that i’ve confused and bewildered you, I’ll get to my Declaration.

I thee Declare – Enjoyment for you.  No Charge.  No Request Made.  No Survey needed.  No donation.  No hug.  All we want is to give a little enjoyment.   We’ll talk sports.  We’ll discuss movies.  We’ll argue politics.  We’ll debate religion.  We’ll release secrets.  We’ll withhold nothing.  Here’s the fun part – we’ll keep growing and changing. 

I know this doesn’t make sense to you all right now, just be patient and ENJOY.

Ok so what to really expect and a bit about the crew.

Mark – he’s the original Pearl Snap Discount Buyer.  He’s the guy who started this lovely thing.  He’s also our Music expert.  He works in the da Industry.  He’s also Married and owns his own lawn mower for his Highland Park….I mean Dallas backyard. Mark played Division III basketball and won’t stop letting you know he has a better jumper then you.  He is by far the most metro-sexual man of this crew.  And for looks wise just imagine John Cusack and that kid from TMZ that looks like John Cusack and well you have Markus.

Drewseph – He’s our angelic fellow.  Our Cedar Hill based Denver Bronco fan.  He works out like 4 days a week and likes his shirts tight.  Drew has the most amazing inane observations.  His mixture of sports love extends past the usual baseball, basketball and football into the hockey rink and onto the pitch.  Drew looks like your typical blonde hunk.  Ladies (and Gentlemen?) he’s single and god does his sheltered christian soul need a nice lady.

Sean – If you don’t know already he’s the host of Diamond Talk on 1310 the Ticket.  For you out of towners that means he talks Texas Rangers baseball after every home game.  Sean has a fleshy man-beard that actually looks good.  Bass as we call him likes to drink hard, talk loudly, and sing the B-52s at a Karokee bar in and around the DFW metroplex.  Sean also is a great athlete and boy does he ADORE Joe Montana.  Because of this Sean is a huge Notre Dame and San Francisco 49er Fan.  In fact if you want a great story ask about Joe Montana’s SUPER BOWL RINGS!  Sean is nestled deep inside Dallas with his lovely girlfriend.

John – He’s a proud daddy.  He’s also the man that brought us all together as the former and greatest sports directors of our time.  He is also a sports expert.  John is famous for his amazing singing talents and fasinating hair styles.  John lives with his wife and now new born baby in Somewhere, Oklahoma.  He works for North East South by South Oklahoma State University.  John is the good guy we all strive to be.  Perk up for his weekly look at Sex through the Christian eyes, seriously its really interesting.

Ryan (Talmadge) – This Cedar Hill-an is the Psalms quoting king.  Ryan’s tastes and attitudes give another flavor to enjoy.  He’ll dazzle you with his commentary on music, sports, and the world as a whole.  He’s tried to save Ethiopians.  He loves his X-Box 360.  He also is trying to understand the game of Soccer.  Ryan reminds many of a cute little leprechaun.   Talmadge is what we all call this mystery man.  Just wait for the gold, he’s got a lot in his little pot at the end of his rainbow.  He is trying his darnest to hold onto a long distance relationship.

Eric – Our resident Mr. Cool.  He lives out in Orlando, Florida.  He works for a huge gaming company (guess) and is a dashing individual.  If you’re a fan of Entourage he is the real leader of this pack.   Ladies you may as well just get in line – cuz he’s very open about trying you all.  Eric owns a cute little doggie as well.  Eric loves technology and its endless ways it can promote his prettyness.  He’s a darn good basketball player.  E-Roc will come across cocky and rude – and you’ll still love all his insight and ramblings.

Me – trust me i’m the most abrasive person you’ll meet.  I like to debate all things and usually don’t care what side i’m on.   I’ll try to touch all the subjects we discuss and will usually be quite unreadable.  But believe me….just believe….that every once and a while you’ll be blown away with what i have to comment on.   I also have my hands in many cookie jars and hope to show you the contents someday.  I’m Jewish like Larry David is – which means I really don’t believe a word of it all but love the holidays and pension plan.  I’m in the most exciting and happy relationship of my life.  I don’t root for the home team.  I’m also very liberal.  I have a diverse family that spans the globe, but i’ve managed to block any accent from sticking.  And seeing that I  was actually born in the Holy Land – Israel for you non-western religion folks – but am a Texan through and thru. 

Like Mark said we’re all just a good group of friends who work in the media/broadcasting world.  We tend to be funny and entertaining and we really just want you to enjoy your time spent with us. 

Tune in for Discussions, Stories, Movies, Podcasts, Bits and so much more. 

We are Pearl Snap Discount. 

In the Great Words of Waylon Jennings – Pretend I (We) Never Happened.





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30 07 2009

2 things validate both my existence and this blog… 1. sea bass 2. as a musician, knowing markus is ever present, my music chub is full fledged Obese! ive never met markus, but when i do, stand about 11 inches away.

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