Pearl Snap Discount – Show Zero

26 03 2009

So here it is, interwebs, the first edition of Pearl Snap Discount.  A show years in the making.  This is by no means a full and polished show.  That’s why I’m calling this “Show Zero”.  This is more of a test run. 

Expect even more local (Dallas)/national indie, alternative, rock and hip hop music and whatnot.  New stuff, old stuff.  Requests.  Maybe even some special guests, interviews and mmmmmmaybe some good strong video content (?). 

It is also no coincidence that we are launching this show right before the start of AFI Dallas 09.  Expect interviews and full coverage of the fest, right here, on 

We run this. 



Albert Hammond, Jr. “GFC”
The Kooks “Stormy Weather”
My Morning Jacket “Thank You Too”
The Last Shadow Puppets “Standing Next To Me”
Wolf Parade “Language City”
RTB2 “Yer Fool’s Suite (Part II)” LOCAL MUSIC!!!
Kanye West “RoboCop”
Black Tie Dynasty “Once Around”
James Morrison “Come Back and Stay”




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