Elevate – Interview with Director Anne Buford

4 11 2011

PSD chatted with Director Anne Buford about her time at Vogue with Anna Wintour, her incredible basketball documentary Elevate, her alma-mater KU, and of course the Spurs!!!

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15 07 2011

Hey Film-makers of the world make sure to get your films ready because the DALLAS IFF is now open to entries.  Sarah and the rest of the stellar Dallas Film Society Staff are prepping for another grand festival and they need your entries to figure it all out.  Don’t by Shy, YOU ARE A FILM MAKER!!!

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Exclusive Interview with Director Derek Westerman

8 06 2011

Director Derek Westerman chatted with PSD about numerous topics including his series of shorts, BAD DADS, which stars Michael Cera and Will Hines.

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Exclusive Interview with Writer/Actor Robby Storey

10 05 2011

Robby Storey is a locally based actor/writer/producer who’s currently working on the Frank Mosley Directed project Hot/Cold .  Robby took part in an email interview for PSD in which he discusses his career so far.  Enjoy our Exclusive look into one of North Texas’ more dynamic writers and actors.

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Exclusive Interview with Legendary Writer/Director and Reporter Kit Carson.

21 04 2011

A few years ago at AFI Dallas (now Dallas IFF), I first met legendary Writer and Director L.M. Kit Carson.  Well, Kit was kind enough to give PSD an Exclusive Video Interview this past week.  We discussed his latest project Africa Diary, Guillermo del Toro, Wes Anderson, Robert Redford, the creation of the USA Film Festival, and much more.

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Dallas IFF 2011 – A Photographer’s Showcase

19 04 2011

This year’s sponsor Caddy, had a commercial that talked about re-inventing the blue blooded look.  I’m not sure if Dallas IFF 2011 did that, but it sure was a wild ride.  Take a peak at Dallas IFF 2011 with PSD’s photographer Derrick Williams and his adventure along the Red Carpet.

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Exclusive with Director Topaz Adizes from DALLAS IFF 2011

19 04 2011

A PSD favorite and friend, Director Topaz Adizes latest short film, BOY, has just been announced as one of the shorts at CANNES ’50th Critics Week’.  Topaz was a juror member for the Dallas IFF 2011.  On the closing weekend of the festival  Topaz and I chatted about BOY, DALLAS IFF and so much more.  Here is our video interview with the talented Director Topaz Adizes.

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Burning RUBBER – A Journey!

18 04 2011

It seems like every time there is a major event at the Texas Theatre I need to find a “new” way to venture on over to Oak Cliff’s latest sensation.  I feel like if I need to cross the Trinity River I need to do it in refreshing and unique way.  Well the opening night screening of current indie-hit RUBBER seemed most fitting for a change of travel plans.  Here is the journey I had while burning some RUBBER.

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“Daniel Day Lewis as James Hook” – JV Hart DALLAS IFF Q & A

16 04 2011

The closing weekend of The Dallas IFF showcased the 20th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s classic film, Hook.  Texan Jim V. Hart not only wrote the story of a grown up Peter Pan, but he’s created a whole Peter Pan/James Hook Universe for my generation.  Here is the wonderful Q & A James Wallace of G & W held with JV about one of the great films of the 90’s and our childhoods (at least James’ and mine’s for sure).

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Odds and Ends of the DALLAS IFF 2011

12 04 2011

I’ve always thought the saying ‘odds and ends’ meant remnants  or miscellaneous items.  This definition seems better though, – The first official odds and ends were found in lumberyards—odds were pieces of board split irregularly by the sawmill, ends were pieces trimmed from boards that were cut to specific lengths.

Farlex Trivia Dictionary. © 2011 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved.

Here are those irregular (or how bout unique) bits and pieces mixed in with those specifically cut trimmed boards that make the DALLAS IFF 2011 stand up and out.

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